1. Saturday Song Showdown: Beat It/Eat It

    A big hit for Michael and the parody that broke Al into the mainstream, which one defeated the other? Vote below. Michael Jackson

    Weird Al - Eat It


  2. Saturday Song Showdown: Like A Virgin

    Madonna’s First number 1 album and record. But really who touched you for the first time?


    Lord Of The New Church


  3. Saturday Song Showdown: Billie Jean

    A yes, this MJ blockbuster off the Thriller album is a classic. But who do you think is the one, vote below.

    Michael Jackson

    The Civil Wars


  4. Saturday Song Showdown: Open Your Heart

    This was a mid eighties hit for Madonna and Ofraz turned into an almost mournful ballad but who are you opening your heart to? Vote below! Madonna

    Ofra Haza


  5. Saturday Nights Live: James Carter

    I was led to this track through my research into good headphones (BTW beats are terrible headphones). Anyway this track is one the was recommended by Tyll Hertsens who tests audio equipment, who says:

    “The title track of James Carter’s “J. C. on the Set” opens with a ripping sax line and amazingly dynamic drumming by Tani Tabbal. The impact can be eyeblinking when well reproduced.

    Now this live version is something else! Strap yourself in for some real steamy and sexy bluesy sax! If I may be so bold this is the kind of sax that gets people laid!

    And if you are interested here is his full list of test tracks.


  7. Throwdown Thursday: Listen To The Radio

    The last throwdown this week I knew was cover by Kathy of Nanci and on the podcast I played Nanci’s original but I heard Kathy’s version first. Nanci Griffith wrote and performed the original back in the late 80s and Kathy Mattea made it popular in the early 90s. They are very similar, but whose radio are you going to listen to?

    Nanci Griffith

    Kathy Mattea


  8. Throwdown Thursday: Heartbreak Radio

    Another new discovery this time from 1980 Frankie Miller’s Hreatbreak Radio was covered by the great bluesman Delbert McClinton and southern rock band Molly Hatchet. So who put your heartbreak on the radio, vote below?

    Frankie Miller

    Delbert McClinton

    Molly Hatchet


  9. Throwdown Thursday: Mr. Radio

    This Throwdown Thursday and we are featuring songs from this week’s podcast not to mention songs that I thought were originals but are actually cover versions. 1st up in a song I originally thought was Linda Ronstadt’s but learned it was by a Roderick Falconer form back in the early 70s. The video for the Trisha’s version also has some stellar hooping (it was the only video I could find)! On the Monday Music show I played Trish Yearwood’s version but who do you think is the real “Mr. Radio”, vote below.

    Roderick Falconer

    Linda Ronstadt

    Trisha Yearwood


  10. August’s Featured Artists: The King and Queen of Pop

    Heads up Monday the 18th is PopOff!’s second featured artists episode where we go all birthday bash a celebrate the king and queen of pop as well as other August musical birthdays. So get those requests in this is going a pure pop extravaganza!

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